Since the outbreak of the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19), there is hardly any industry in the world that has not been affected. While millions are fighting to survive illness, unemployment and other existential threats brought on by the pandemic, it is important to look beyond the moment as this too will pass.

Some businesses have wasted little time in deploying tools and solutions geared at ensuring its survival whilst also working towards providing clients with real-time information and carrying out instructions however possible within the accepted guidelines.

One of the most important points every industry is learning from this novel pandemic is the need to have alternate means and methods of doing our jobs, where it is not possible to have the entire team in the usual office space, what do you do? You go remote; COVID-19 has definitely taught us that remote working has its benefits.

Here are some steps to get your remote business started:

  • Start by instituting remote work expectations and procedures with staff: which virtual communication applications to use, how deliverables and tasks are to be submitted, and how team meetings will take place.
  • Inform clients of your decision to go remote and that any in-person meetings may need to be moved to virtual.
  • Ensure staff members are fully equipped to work remotely and have access to the appropriate equipment and technology.
  • Develop a plan to ensure staff productivity: set expectations for regular updates, and be more communicative than usual in email, phone calls, ask your team to start recording billable hours daily. This settles your mind knowing that business is moving as usual and helps your team capture more time synchronously.
  • Make use of productivity tools like Slack, GoTo Meeting, Zoom Meeting, Google Note or One Note.These applications all ensure effective collaboration, better communication among team members, reduces paperwork, automates social media, assists employers track the progress of team members on tasks assigned. This guarantees overall efficiency and productivity of the entire system during the pandemic.
  • Do not cancel your meetings with clients. Instead, transition your conversations to phone or video using available applications. This allows you to maintain your relationships with your clients while reducing disruption.
  • Provide means for payment of services online: Enabling clients to pay online with a credit card or other online platforms is a great idea in these uncertain financial times.
  • Look for business development opportunities: Do not panic if the business is slow, lean instead on your online network and community for referrals and available jobs and services you can provide.

Note: This article is only for enlightenment and awareness.

Mosebolatan Oyedeji Esq. is a Legal Associate at Citizens’ Gavel Foundation for Social Justice, Oyo State, Nigeria. She can be reached at

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