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Segun (Pseudonym) paid Mary (Pseudonym) a visit, while conversing, he made sexual advances and she turned him down, afterwards, he borrowed her phone to make a phone call but, in the process, accessed her gallery and sent nudes and videos of Mary to his phone.

After they parted ways, he started threatening to post her nudes if she doesn't agree to have sex with him. Our quick response team was contacted via social media and the victim was advised to agree to his terms of meeting with him in an hotel in Ibadan on Friday, 29th of July, 2020.

With the help of the Anti-human trafficking department of Oyo State headquarters of the NSCDC, he was picked up after several hours of watching and waiting for him to show up at the hotel.

However, the complainant was magnanimous enough not to go to court, the accused was made to delete all the photos, sign an undertaken not to post any nude photos or videos of her and tender apologies to her for the trauma she was made to go through on a print media.

All these agreements were reached after the accused was detained over night.